Strong Willed Children

When a famous author wrote a book on the strong willed child I wondered if he had ever really experienced one. I hesitate to say that my children have special needs, but every child has special needs. They are unique and challenging and beautiful.

Parenting has been a struggle for me. I love being a mom, and I enjoy watching my kids learn and grow. It is the adhd and the severe anxiety disorder (along with numerous other emotional issues that we have just scratched the surface of) that make it difficult to deal with daily routines and care. My patience is stretched and, honestly, broken sometimes.

Having a mental illness myself, I should know better on how to deal with them.

Getting in the car can be a long, laborious process or they may all jump in quick on their own and buckle seat- belts. One mess up or change in routine can invoke a violent reaction or a meltdown where everything stops.

Yes, many people have told me spanking helps. I have heard “bite her back” so many times I cannot count. Somedays I wonder if a should, or I really want to. I can say that I appreciate my parents who although they believe in spanking, they respect our decision not too and take our lead in discipline when they are with the kids.

I have lost my patience. I have run out of discipline techniques or grown so tired of them that I have resorted to spanking. But as anyone with any long term illness or mental illness knows, that just makes issues worse.

I am so glad that on this difficult day of parenting, through facebook I came across a blog “I Take Joy” which encouraged me to “Take a deep breath–it is a long journey, this motherhood call. Yet, it will be the making of your faith and character and will shape the character of the next generation.”
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Choose life…

“The decision to have an abortion is, for most women, an extremely excruciatingly painful and emotional one. It is not one made lightly in most cases. For me, or anyone else, to attempt to tell a woman choosing an abortion that she has made the wrong decision is ludicrous. No one is in a better position to judge her ability to take care of a child better than the woman herself. And to tell her she is committing murder is a form of intimidation and harassment and MUST be stopped by law if necessary.” -from

If choosing to have an abortion is a personal issue between a woman and her doctor (thats what the president says) and the government should have nothing to do with it, then choosing to euthanize a person in a lot of pain is a personal choice between a person and doctor and family.  And, abuse is a personal choice between the victim and the abuser. Rape is a personal decision between a man and a woman. Brainwashing is a personal choice among cult leaders and the members. Prostitution is a highly personal choice among women as a means to make money when other avenues are vacant. Drug use and trafficking are private personal issues. Child abuse is a personal choice among family members.

If the government doesn’t exist to protect people from basic crimes against life, what is the purpose of it?

“Today I have given you the choice between life and death, between blessings and curses. Now I call on heaven and earth to witness the choice you make. Oh, that you would choose life, so that you and your descendants might live!”- Deut 30:19