cross species

the idea of cross gender creates some hard issues for christians. as a follower of Jesus, i believe God created us male and female. He orchestrated marriage by saying a wife will leave her family and cling to her husband. but then, male and female alike were cursed for betraying God, their maker. they world is broken. the ground became hard to tend to, women had pain added to childbirth. we no longer live in teh perfect garden of Eden. We live in a world that has denied God or flat out blasphemed. so, the things God ordained for us are all fragile in this ungodly world.

CS Lewis wrote of an absolute moral law people live by but now, there is an agenda to cut out morals- even ones that seem inherit to men. murder is easily excusable. theft is forgiven. Gods name is used in vain everywhere. lies are acceptable and white lies actually encouraged, parents are often blamed for the child’s issues rather than being honored. there are no days that are set aside to rest and even holidays are being taken over by consumerism, women leave husbands and men leave wives whenever they crave something different, and money and status and things create a sense of worth. many many different types of gods are worshiped even among so called Christians.

How can we then legislate transgender or homosexuality or worship places or money or divorce laws or oaths? i just think, “in those days there was no KING in the land. everyone did what was right in his own eyes”

we are a cross species. made in the image of God yet trying to make an image for ourselves.

Here’s my view on the cross gender bathroom issue.

In a public restroom no one should be peeking through holes to see if the occupant is a biological male or female.  I would think that a person who feels the ladies room would be appropriate will probably not appear to be strongly male. If they ‘identify” as a female then i would think they are going to be in some state of appearing like lady like.

for grade school? thats tough. maybe if they have counseling? and are taught how not to show off their genitals? if they refer to themselves a certain way adn dress a certain way, and play a certain way, then wouldnt it be awkward for them to go into a different bathroom. I mean, for someone to just walk in one day and say, im gonna be a girl, or im gonna be a boy, then that makes no sense. as a different subject- i dont think parents of lower grades should be making changes like that too early, the kids  are still in flux of learning and growing and puberty. i dont know, hard issues.

locker rooms i could see could create some awkwardness. but really, if you are a guy who wants to be a girl yet still has biological male anatomy, then please go into a stall or curtained area to dress so i wont see nor my child . but if gender is part of a spectrum (as i have heard is being reported) should we just have all locker rooms be open to everyone and all?

anyway, yes there are people who are over the top, mean and intolerant of others with any differences that they dont understand. but by the same token, this cross gender stuff isnt considering those they claim to be intolerant.  they have legitimate concerns too. the cross gender or gender ambiguous people need to stop bullying them the way you claim we bully them.


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