Autism File 1


                    What is Autism?

Autism is a spectrum of

pervasive and complex disorders of

brain development.

Autism is different for each


Characteristics are severe deficits in

social interactions

and communication

a person with autism may

  • have trouble talking or listening

  • have difficulty making friends and interacting

  • find it hard to make eye contact or tolerate touches

they may have

repetitive behaviors or thoughts

sensory processing difficulties

intellectual and/or emotional delays

these issues commonly result in

anxiety and actions

that could be mistaken as “acting our” or misbehaving

there is a difference between

a tantrum and a meltdown!

With a tantrum the child seeks to control others

a meltdown occurs when a child cannot control their own

thoughts or feelings resulting in

outbursts” or “shut-down”.

A person with autism may

  • flap their arms or rock

  • move or yell at inappropriate times

  • cover their ears or hide in a tight spot

  •          or they may appear “normal”.

How can we help?

  • Be happy when they are happy

  • be patient and understanding when they are overwhelmed

  • support and encourage parents/ caregivers

  • be careful not to judge parenting, instead offer help


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