Christmas is over

How did you just say that title in your mind? there are many different tones you can use. Christmas is OVER . some of you may say it like this- emphasizing “over” because you are so glad it is done. CHRISTMAS is over. when you emphasize like this i get the idea Christmas is just one event in a list of things we must endure. Christmas is over. straight, no emphasizing, there is a simple statement of fact.

My granddaddy always had a lilting tone on Christmas and over exaggerated the “over” by drawing it out. Christ-MAS is Ooverrrrr.

it describes the Christmas let down. Its all over. The preparations and presents. Now, trees are coming down. Lights being put away. No more santa pictures. and my kids are disappointed to realize there is no more 24/7 Christmas music on the radio anymore. Christ-MAS is Ooverrrrr. How sad feeling. The answer the kids would give granddaddy was “but i still have my toys!” and that s the point! not the toys, but the gift. We still have the gift.

This is the gift God promised Abraham would save all the nations. The gift of the God of Isaac and Jacob. A gift from the line of Judah, the gift on the throne of King David. The gift the prophets and priests spoke of. The Messiah, the Christ, the ANointed one, the Suffering Servant who came to save the sins of the world. And His name is called Emmanuel.

Christmas is over. but we still have Jesus, God with us.


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