Advent part 4

lets light the candle of prophecy and discuss double prophecies. These types of prophecies are prevalent throughout scripture. The prophets were given words from God that applied not only to specific situations about the current time or near future but also referred explicitly to Jesus. When the prophet Isaiah told Ahaz about a young woman giving birth as a sign of His promises there was an immediate historical event, but we also know God was speaking of His ultimate sign of His promises, the Messiah.

Another example, perhaps maybe a little more easier for kids to understand is King David wanting to build the temple.  He looked at his grand house and realized the presence of the Lord dwelled in a tent. He wanted to build God a house, a permanent structure for Him to dwell in. But through Nathan the prophet God told him that David’s son would be the one to build the temple. Check out 2 Sam 7 esp vs 12-16 to find all the ways you can where Nathan explains that Solomon, David’s son would build the physical temple; but also how a son, or descendant of David, would build a temple where He will rule always

To me it is fascinating to see how many times these prophecies came true both in the short term and in the eternal purpose!

for the Jesse tree

Jacob ladder.

Jacob’s brother Esau had a special standing with their dad, being the oldest son. But one day when he was incredibly hungry he gave up his birthright, or that special standing and inheritance, for food. *show your kids some basically grocery items and ask them how much they think it costs. then ask them to imagine they had not eaten all week. how much would it be worth then? For us, Jesus allows us to be children of God. We should value that above everything else. Jesus quotes that its not good to live on bread alone but on every word from God. Physical things should be second to the things of God. 

how the ladder comes in is this, Jacob was a sneaky conniving guy. but as he was running from his brother who was understandably angry, Jacob fell asleep and dreamed of a stair case / ladder coming from heaven. angels ascended and decended. It was a ladder from heaven to earth. a stairway to heaven. John 1:51: “And he (Jesus) said to him, ‘Truly, truly I say to you, you will see heaven opened, and the angels of God ascending and descending on the Son of Man.'” (ESV). Jesus is our stairway to heaven! 

anyone still paying attention? tell me how its going.



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