Advent: Words from the Prophets

celebrating advent has become a very important part of my Christmas schedule. i began researching the tradition while looking for some Christmas lessons when my husband and i were ministering to our church youth group. i fell in love with the idea of preparing my heart for the celebration of Christ coming as a man, God dwelling among us.

i totally meant to begin sharing these ideas at the beginning of the technical advent time, but… i didn’t. so , here it is now. at least the first installment.

among the advent wreath there sits 5 candles. 3 purple, 1 pink, 1 white candle in the middle. for the first week of advent the first candle, a purple one, is lit each day during a devotional time. this candle is the prophets candle.

Scripture contains words from many prophets throughout time. these prophets spoke truth even when it hurt. in fact, most of the time it did hurt. God sent these men out to tell His people of their sin and impending judgement. but always there is also a glimmer of redemption and restoration.

there is a common thread from the beginning of creation to today. there is a Judge. a perfect, holy, just, Judge. His wrath is strong and purifying. Yet through the promised Savior, His love and compassion reaches out and offers redemption.


2 thoughts on “Advent: Words from the Prophets

  1. Love this, timing is perfect – I just did an advent calendar in the kindergarten classroom.

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