On Discipline and the Small Battles

On Discipline and the Small Battles.

This has spoken to me as I have been battling this changing of medicines and constant struggle to stay sane and involved in reality.  Night times are really hard, and this quote she uses is so helpful to me because I know my toil in the night is accomplishing something- my healing.  I remember planning for Gabe’s birth I read and heard from my doula to keep in mind that the pain is for a purpose.  Now, just like labor pains again, the pain is for a purpose and God will reveal the fruit of these efforts in due time.


2 thoughts on “On Discipline and the Small Battles

  1. This reminds me of something a friend of ours said many years ago and has always stuck in my head. He had been suffering with horrific back pain and great difficulty in physial therapy sessions as he learned to walk again. Dexter told us he was grateful for the pain because as long as he felt the pain, he knew he was still alive and that God still had work for him to do in this world. He also said without going through the bondage of pain we would not truy appreciate the joy of freedom that comes through healing.

    • Sometimes I would almost rather deal with a physical pain. Of course I wouldnt really, because long physical pain brings depression too. But physical pain is well, physical. It is an obvious pain, there is a concrete reason and specific scientific evidence and scientific ways to heal it. I am in no way trying to put down the real pain people have. I just know depression/ anxiety/ bipolar, those are all real physical pain too but are just hidden and less understood. Ive always felt like if I had a broken leg it would be easier to deal with because I would have crutches or a wheel chair and it would be obvious. People would help me and understand. But mental illness is so much less understood and there is little acceptance of it. Instead of the physcial pain he felt, sometimes I feel numb and that is a terrible state to be in- very terrible. But the days are getting better. Slowly but surely.

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