Intake for Micah and Anna to have play therapy is coming up next Monday.  I have to keep reminding myself it is a slow process and will help them over time, not immediately.  They are both growing up so much.  They are doing great.  There are some things I believe a play therapist can do to help them absorb some of the lessons of life’s obstacles better and to increase their ability to learn well.

I would really have liked to continue using the mobile therapy for Micah.  His therapist was able to work with him after school at home where he has the most difficulites in self-control.  But our private insurance ironically prevents the use of the mobile therapy unit (it is for TN CARE only patients).  I have been upset about this fact, but I am trusting our God to let all things work for the good in this situation.  I know HIs desire is for Anna and Micah (and their family) to be holy and sanctified.  He desires our obedience rather than what we think is best.

I can compare our reactions in circumstances to Anna’s recent tempertantrums.  She has been defiant, yelling and fussing, refusing to follow directions, and telling Grandpa she doesnt like him.  All she wants is to be with Mommy.  She wants to jump on the bed, kiss me, love on me, be in my face.  Then she turns around and refuses to get down when I manage to tell her to get down.  My voice aches from the tonsilectomy.  It makes me mad that it takes so much work and pain to ask her to get down then she refuses to do so.  Most of the time, that mean ole Grandpa is there and he physically removes her from the bed so I can rest again.  But isnt that so much like my relationship with God.  He knows the pain and trouble things cause and yet I keep fighting for what I want over and over.  I refuse to accept things the way they are because I want it to be better, brighter, nicer, cooler, easier.  I am an early childhood specialist and I should know that mobile therapy is what my child needs, not the insurance companies.  but then, there is God, who patiently waits for me to turn to Him, knowing I would get to this moment, and smiles when I say “not my will but Thine be done”. Just like Anna when it suddenly clicks and she says sweetly “yes maam.”

God made my children afterall.  He is the one who established our home and brought them into it.  He is the one who made their genetic origins and designed their specific chemical makeup.  He is the one who breathed the breath of life into their very lungs.  He is the one who died to redeem them.  He is their real Father, their real adoptive Father.  How could I ever think that He would not provide the best counseling and advocates for these little ones who He entrusted into our care?  I know that there are times He expects me to be that advocate, that voice for them, and i have been several times already.  He laid it on my teacher’s heart to look into therapy for them.  But now, God expects me to be patient and to watch Him move.  He will let me know when I need to do something.

Monday, we will go to Centerstone for the intake of play therapy.


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