my politics

I tend to have spells of minor obsessions. The last few days I have researched the candidates for the President following the hype of the second debate.
I recognize that the Lord warned us of all these problems. Although our government is set up under the logical way Jethro instructed Moses to handle disputes among the ancient Israelite people with delegations of judges (exodus 18), God also flat out warned the people through Samuel when they wanted a king (1 sam 8). He told them exactly what a king would do. God warned us all that a king would use our money, possessions, and family with or without our approval for not only defense of the kingdom but for the administrational greed.
Joshua had problems leading the people to follow Gods will. The people were consumed with following idols and the pagan ways of the Canaanites. But Joshua called them all to attention with his famous speech in Joshua 24. Basically, if the gods of your ansestors or the Ammorites are really god, then worship them, if an idol can save you, worship it…but if God is God, worship Him.
Some may have high expectations for Romney and some may put all their faith in Obama, but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.


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