Developmental Medicine

We finally had our appointment with a Developmental Behavioral NP.  She evaluated Anna in the doctors office and listened to our concerns for 2 hours and came back with several recommendations.

I admit, I had imagined this to be an end all be all trip.  The Doctor would say the reason for all the aggression, senosory disorders, and defiance was because something small such as her left foot was slightly crooked and with a perscription of physical therapy to work on the foot, all would be corrected.

Unfortunately, there is no “fix”.  We were encouraged that she is improving because her sensory issues are much more tame than they were at one point.  She has learned to help herself with her high sensory needs, plus pre school gives her much needed imput.

Andrew was such an encouragement to me by pointing out that this was another step in our process to help our daughter grow into the wonderful compassionate young lady we know she will be.  It is not the end of our search for advocates or therapies or testing.  It is another step.

A great step, that provided us with an new road to travel.  We may be in touch with mobile therapies where a counselor or therapist can work with us in the house. Or we may just keep monitoring her progress right now while we implement the strategies we have learned through occupational therapy and now through the Developmental Medicine Practice.


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