the games

Ironically a book that intends to subvert the culture that glorifies violence and worships pop idols has been made into a movie that is filled with glorified gore and actors who are adored as pop icons.  I do hope the message sinks deep though and that in the future The Hunger Games will be a book that helps shape a future heading away from the all the “games”. 

 My Game that I am starting with is the “mommy wars”.  I cannot compare myself to other moms for their sake and mine.  This brings back to mind my link to the article “your child wants you.”  I also read on Kellysmom more of an interview with the moms who did the photo shoot for Time Magazine on breastfeeding.  They refer to the “mommy wars”. We all want to be good mothers; we all do our best.  I know to do my best, i have to stop comparing myself to what I can’t do and focus on the things I do well.


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