play therapy

Play Therapy is a method of psychotherapy in which a child’s fantasies and the symbolic meanings of his/her play are used by the clinician to understand and communicate with the child. As the child plays, the clinician recognizes themes and patterns that are expressed in the child’s play. Children communicate their thoughts and feelings through play more naturally than they do through verbal communication.  Play is a natural medium for children to express feelings, solve problems and build skills. Children’s play can uncover their internal conflicts, bring to light negative communication patterns in families, and help children discover new problem-solving techniques and strategies. – taken from the evelyn frye center website

I learned about play therapy first in college where it seemed like the most wonderful, natural, perfect idea in helping children through difficult situations.  Now, as a parent I am confronted by the reality that there are limited resources that can actually help my child with sensational needs or her brother being bombarded with those needs.  The Evelyn Frye Center sounds great except i cannot go there because of my children’s not so exceptional insurance that was provided by the state. 

This leads me to search my heart desparetly because of my stance against more government regulation accompanyied by the truth that there are people out there with limited resources to spend on the limited resources available who despararately need play therapy or other therapies more than even my own family does.  What should be done? Seriously… I am asking… 



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