mild crisis

These are thougths on my sweet girl with sensational needs.  I am waiting on a return call from RIP.  its the region intervention program where my dr’s office and school system have initially refered me too.  I am not too impressed with the name…but after reviewing the website last fall I found that it seemed like it would teach basic managment techniques, which i guess i let pride get in my way.  I said, i spent 4 years of college learning child and family science, behavior management techniques, why? so i could have me own daughter attend a program with the same acronym as rest in peace because i can’t manage her behavior?  Beyond the pride, her Occupational Therapist (who is the first and only one yet to agree wholeheartedly adn make the diagnosis of sensory perseption disorder) cautioned me about participatiing in the RIP program incase she were to learn new, worse behaviors to try out.

The past couple of weeks have shown me though that her impulse control is not improving and it has been a rough thing for her older brother all along who prays most nights for her to not be mean anymore.  And, her lack of impulse control has set me on edge recently and i have not always responded the way i know she needs me too.  Something has to be done.  I want to specialize in helping families in crisis, but i am also trained enough to know the our family is quickly moving to a crisis point itself.  So, i called a counseling service i found on the internet who refered me to RIP!

I have left a message with them for more information.  But i have also left a message with the kid’s dr saying that i need some referels to someone who can counsel the brother of a special needs child, and someone who can counsel the special needs child and her family!

Doing research i have found


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