natural birth thoughts in her judging birth post makes a great point that some women can have births that end up with c/sections and feel empowered (like me!) and other women can have natural births that are traumatizing. there of course is many combinations in between those senarios. but the truth is that birth in any fashion can be traumatic. pain in childbirth correlates directly to a curse from God so how can we not think there will be inherint danger in it? I missed a few hours of Gabes life, that very first cry, seeing him all yucky and bloody, and the moment that he came from my body. however, his life was saved and my life was saved. I am so incredibly grateful for the moments i have with him and Micah and Anna now. It is amazing to think of the precious, special way God gave each of them to us. as far as birth goes, i want to be able to advocate for women to be able to birth more naturally in a hospital setting where there are emergency procedures in place. its all great for “K” in the video on midwifethinking’s website (an i kindof look in awe as if i wish i could have had that “i just gave birth” experience) but if her baby had had an occult prolapsed cord and had died because they didnt even know there was heart decelerations, and if she had a hematoma that caused her after her baby was born dead to bleed internally when she didnt even know it…well, it wouldnt have been so beautiful now would it.


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