occult prolapsed cord

Gabe was found in the OP position with an occult prolapsed cord. The following is what i learned about that.

In the presence of ruptured membranes, a cord prolapse can cause an obstetrical emergency requiring an immediate vaginal delivery or a cesarean delivery at the first sign of fetal distress.[
If the umbilical cord presents in front of the fetal presenting part and the membranes rupture, the risk that the cord will prolapse through the cervix into the vagina is significant. Occult prolapse occurs when the cord lies alongside the presenting part.

Cord prolapse occurs in 0.6% of deliveries. The risk is increased with fetal malpresentations, especially when the presenting part does not fill the lower uterine segment, as is the case with incomplete breech presentations (5-10%), premature infants, and multiparous women

A prolapsed cord is a serious emergency and can be very harmful to the baby.
If the presenting part of the fetus does not fit the pelvis after membrane rupture, the umbilical cord can slip past and present at the cervix, or actually prolapse into the vagina.
When the cord is compressed or squeezed, the baby’s supply of blood and oxygen is cut off. The lack of oxygen can lead to severe damage or death if the problem is not taken care of within minutes.


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