Mommy Is A Person

Mommy Is A Person. Wow.  This is an neat article from the ladies who taught me that I don’t have to be the crafty-have-it-all-together-mom in order to be a great mom, who my kids love and want.  I have recently placed time in our very loosely scheduled afternoons that is purposefully time for our kids to enjoy playing by themselves in their rooms.  After cleaning out the garage the other day I found many odd and end toys and divided them up based off Micah and Anna’s likes (Micah is such a boy and Anna’s a girly girl).  I brought the boxes to their rooms and you would have thought it was Christmas at our house.  Anna saw her box at bed time and had to wait til the morning to play with the contents.  First things she asked when she woke up: “i pay in my room now?”  I have choosen to have a time for them to play in their room for several reasons.  Everyone needs some alone time.  Micah can get quite exasperated having to deal with Anna’s special needs and a baby brother.  And Anna can get easily overwhelmed with a brother who doesn’t understand her special needs.  Alone time, for them both, I think will be good recharging times.  Then, for Anna, I think it is beneficial for her especially because it cuts down the sensory overload from the large playroom/ family room/ kitchen area.  She has control over what is in the room with limited distractions that are off limits.  When I have opened the door recently I have found her actively engaged in playing with her dollhouse, or rocking her baby doll carefully.  This time has been great for her to help her learn to direct her own actions- something she has had incredible difficulty doing.  This special time also give me a few free mommy  minutes.  I can get supper going calmly, I can read a little bit, I can clean the floors without interferance, and many other options.   The above article has given me extra confidence in this decision.  I am a person and I need to take care of myself too… and in teaching my children that, I teach them to be respectful of others- which is the number one rule in our house.   The following article has become famous among mothers social websites.  It is so true.  It is so crucial for ladies to see how warped media can make women look, and how warped we can become trying to assimilate; and it is equally crucial for women to see that our children, our husbands, our God, want us, just as we are.

Your Children Want YOU!.


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