The Holy Spirit/ Nile

I have been enjoying listening to Michael Youssef’s radio talks on Leading the way  .  Today I heard how a strip of land on the Nile River bank flooded annually bringing with it natural silt and sediment that made the crops grown on that land nutrient rich crops.  Then the government build a dam to prevent the flooding.  But in doing so they also prevented the overflow of abundant riches and now the crops are grown using chemical fertilizers.  Michael Youssef compares this with the Holy Spirit in the lives of Christians. The Nile/ Holy Spirit never stops flowing in our lives. As believers, the Holy Spirit is there.  But we build up dams to contain the Spirit and allow us to maintain control of ourselves.

When the Holy Spirit first came upon the believers at Pentecost other men assumed them to be drunk.  The Holy Spirit unbridled can be quite an awesome, terrifying thing.  It is after all the Spirit of the Lord God.  If we let our own reigns back and let the Holy Spirit have His way, you never know where we may end up: soup kitchen in Chicago, houseparent of a children’s home, being slain in the Spirit…you never know what awesome crazy thing awaits.  I can only imagine the Spirit would lead us to places we cannot even imagine.  And if His past actions are any indication, He has been know to move people around by whirlwinds and plant them in completely different places.  He has emboldened people to speak to the point of being put in chains (and then sometimes freed them from those chains).  Who knows where He may send us to if we allow the Spirit to overflow His banks in our lives, so we need to build our dams put Him in His place.  Let us witness to those we know, let us love the easily loveable, let us cater to our own whims, let us be diligent workers in the church for Him, but by all means, let us not chip away at those dams lest the Holy Spirit burst through and flood us away with richness beyond our imagination, a richness no eye has seen nor ear has heard.


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