mourning for the lost

I found this quote online today on a comment board.  “We do not want this nation to be a Theocracy under the christain deity or any other deity in the world. I do not want the christains or any other religious group ruining this country based on freedom forcing everyone to obey their made up books of bad morals and borrowed myths and made up legends. ”

It cuts deep, not because Im insecure in my belief (as another commentator accused Christians of being) but quite the opposite.  I am very secure, confident in the evidence I have found, and garunteed by the seal of the Holy Spirit.  It hurts because this person is missing out on the Truth and what He offers.  I grant that there have been atrocities done in the name of Jesus, but He has not condoned those things.  Rather what is truely in His Name is good and trustworthy.  It is also convicting though. So it is much easier to say He advocates “bad morals” and the Bible is a mixture of “borrowed myths” and “made up legends” rather than the face the convicting truth.  The things of the Bible that have parallel stories in antiquity (such as creation, and the flood) actually share a memory of actual events, strengthening the veracity of the biblical narratives.  The “legends” are much more documented as accurate than any other book of antiquity.  we have much more evidence to believe these accounts than many other accounts we all take for granted as truth everyday.


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