just thinking

Does the confidentiality argreement apply to a counselor who’s signed a confidentiality agreement with me( basically, can i as a minister’s wife talk to my personal counselor about the ministries I am dealing with?) You can apparently tell ministers and counselors anything- and in that case if the church was really structured as it should be- everyone ministereing to everyone then no one would have any confidences.  Which I guess is technically teh idea of unity in the body of Christ. So wheres the line in which mutual ministry becomes hierarchial and openess becomes gossip.  A friend commented about reputation being how people know you when they dont get to know you it kindof hits the point of two problems, on being our human limit on how many people it is physically (or reasonably) possible for us to really get to know, and two how much our selfish sin plays a part in corruptin the ideal church structure.  Obviously it seems humans are doomed to demolish the church function as the body of Christ- whether its in a church building or not.  Humans naturally elect leaders adn supress the weak.  We naturally are curious, judgemental, adn selfish.  Jesus does create in us a new spirit but the truth is that He hasnt completely exterminated these traits of the fall.  What if whatever framework currently undergirding the church is going to have to suffice until He returns and sets up the new heaven and new earth?  For how can a few idealists become reformers?  ANd if Martin Luther is purported to be a great reformer, how can we actually turn the followers of Christ bact the basics, a pure church?  I guess I just need to make sure I’m lovign Him in what I do and trust Him to make the next step.  Could be that liturgical churchs, protestant churchs, adn organic churches (and whatever else there is that honestly worships the Christ) all combine together to mimic how His church is really supposed to be.  To love the Lord your God with all your heart and mind and strength.  Why dont we?  How can we?


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