Sex in our culture

Several other cultures in history have treated sex similar to how ours does. Some included temples build for orgies or sexual acts performed in the open with temple prostitutes to appease or worship their gods. I am proud that my God is not appeased by that. In fact, not only is it detestable to Him but it breaks His heart. What God has in mind for us is so much more wonderful than sex. A godly marriage is a small glimpse of what He offers us- including security, acceptance, forgiveness, love, beauty, laughter, companionship, compassion, peace, triumph… He offers us much more than physical pleasure, notches in a bed post, or whatever feelings experimentation brings. Its more than who you sleep with, how well practiced you are, how good you are in bed, or your sexual orientation. God’s image of sex transcends all that. In Glee (and I wont get into what this dicussion was about) the teacher told a couple of girls “its not about who you are attracted to, but who you fall in love with.” And in response to this, God says “its not about who you are attracted to, but whether you are in love with Me!”


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