Twilight Fans

k, i’ve seen New Moon twice now and  I gotta say something esp. for my girls. i like the books, and the movies, but here’s the thing about guys- there is not one guy in the world worth killing yourself over or being so depressed over if he were to leave… there is no one in the world that can fill your life in such a way that it is worthless without that person. no guy or girl is the reason for another’s being. life is about Jesus. it is by Him and for Him and through Him that we were created. in Him alone we find our being. God created us to be relational and therefore we put a lot of emotions and effort into those we love- that is great. depression can come from losing someone you love- i am battling awful grief over my grandaddy who has been with the Lord for a year now, but it is not the ending of life. Edward states that Bella is his only reason for being alive (relatively speaking), he cannot live in a world where she doesnt exist. But there is no love that is that strong and real and unaltering except the love of our Christ Jesus. None can live in a world without Him. So, for the relationships, Twilight is a sweet love story. (i’m still for Jacob btw). But the epic tale of good versus evil is the real story. Fallen man trying to be good, trying to redeem his soul…in reality, there is only one salvation, one redemption, one restoration, and it is found not in man’s efforts, or in some sort of innate goodness, or in any penance, but it is only found by trusting in the living sacrifice of our Lord Jesus, the Son of God.

Two stories that parallel Twilight with reality.

Edward and the vampires represent two different concepts of truth.  1: he stands for the fallen man.  FALLEN MAN is a description of all men who have fallen away from what God offered.  2: the unseen mythical creatures (vampires and werewolves) represent a real unseen spiritual world.

There is in reality a spiritual world of demons and angels.  Demons follow Satan, the enemy of God.  Angels follow the Lord God Almighty, God most High.  Angels and demons live most of the time in the world unseen.  Just like Edward and his family fight against evil forces while most of the world goes on unaware of the battle, so angels are fighting on behalf of those whose trust is in the Lord.  Read Psalm 34, Daniel 10, and 2 Kings 6: 8-23.


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