“Happiness in heaven is based not on ignorance, but on perspective. We will be with Christ, see accurately, and live in a sinless environment.”-Randy Alcorn, in answer to a question about how we can be happy in heaven when there are so many bad things that happen on earth.

Living on earth, we lack perspective.  Jesus, being the exact representation of God, taught us a different perspective.  Life is not just about us.  Eventually we will see the big picture and all these major hurts and frustrations will seem like minor difficulties that were completely worth it.  My bible study teacher said last week that God has two agendas: to save us and to make us holy.  Everything that God allows to happen to us is to draw us closer to Himself in some manner.  Last week Micah had an ear infection and we had to give him an antibiotic.  Apparently there has been ample research done on the taste of amoxicillin.  Unfortunately, the flavor accepted the best by most kids was not acceptable to Micah.  The first night we tried to give it to him he successfully fought the attempt for 30 minutes.  We finally tried just shooting it toward the back of his throat as quick as we could but he spit it right back out.  I started crying because I didn’t know what we would do if we couldn’t get him to take it.  I wonder if God ever feels that way about us.  He knows what the outcome will be and He has it all under control but we fight Him over it.   

“Lord, forgive us when we get consumed by the things of this world that fight for our love and our passions.  As our eyes are open wide and on You, grant us the privaledge of Your world view, and may Your kingdom be what wakes us up and what lies us down.”


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