Audience of the King

Let’s start with John today- and please bare with me since I have not yet figured out how the format of our study with really be. Read John 1:1-5;10-13

To all who recieve Him, to all who believe in His name, He gave the right to be children of God.  Recently I saw a clip of one of George Bush’s daughters on the Ellen show.  Ellen asked her if she could call up her father at anytime then asked if she would do it right then.  It was hilarious as the audience laughed while she picked up the phone and right there asked Laura Bush if she could speak to “daddy”.  Now, we may not be able to call up the President of the United States whenever we feel like it, but it is amazing that we who have recieved God’s Son may have an audience before the King of the universe, the One in whom all things were created.  How?  Why?  Because we are His children.  God is our daddy.  That makes each of us a princess.  Don’t underestimate your royal position.

Joyce: Do you realize what that says? He made us, then lived among us before He lived among us. Then He took on flesh(and all it’s limitations) for us. The fact that He did this, shows He’s not only our daddy, but a benevolent one who will in fact do anything for us, not short of the sacrifice of throwing off Holy raiments to walk as a human, then die an agonizing death on the cross! He is a “daddy” who will and does fight for us every single day….a little girl’s dream!

Melissa: What an amazing vision. I love how you described that Joyce. I am going to keep that with me always. Steph, you know i love the thought of being a princess. That is a great way of sharing with my daughter as well. I think I am going to use this analogy if you don’t mind. Thank you!


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