Zoe Life – Intro to John

Why should we trust a book written by John? Why should we study it?

First, the documents that are collected in the Bible are historically accurate. The gospels were all written by apostles and their disciples within a generation of Jesus’s death and resurrection. Therefore, if you want to know about Jesus, these are most trustworthy, being written by those closest to Jesus and during a time when people remembered the event themselves and would have disqualified any document portraying anything but the truth. If you wanted to find out about 9/11, you would trust a book written by someone in New York City on that day that was written within a few years rather than anything written last year by someone who lives in the country with no knowledge of NYC. So, given that we can trust the gospels concerning Jesus I will say, John’s gospel is my favorite. He was a close personal friend of Jesus, a thinker and devoted follower.  John seemed thoughtful and gentle yet strong.  I identify with the disciple who Jesus loved. My husband is more of the Peter kind who jumps out into the waves to walk on the water.  But John… he’s my favorite.

I watched Tom Brady’s face last night as he lost the Superbowl literally in the last minute of the game.  I thought of the interview our pastor showed us in church earlier that day.  Tom Brady was proud of himself for the Superbowls he had already won but perplexed because he did not feel satisfied yet.  The interviewer asked him, “what else is there?” and Tom simply but enthusiastically answered “I wish I knew.” What else is there?  There is a life beyond life- not just after life.  Jesus came to give us life more abundantly. (John 10:10)  The Greek word John used was “zoe” which is more than the physical “bios” life.  Zoe is the essence of life in spirit and soul.  Eternal is a word that has both quantitative and qualitative components which means that life in Jesus is not just everlasting but it is of good quality too.  Jesus came to give us zoe life.  In our Bible study time I would like us to study under someone who knew the zoe life Jesus offered personally.  John was a disciple of Jesus who knew the truth that Jesus is the Son of God.  Jesus entrusted John with the care of His mother and the leadership of His church in Jerusalem. At the time John wrote his account of the gospel, the other three gospels were already circulating.  Paul had already completed his missionary journeys, written his letters to the churches, and had been marytred in Rome. The facts of Jesus’ life were accounted for and documented, however, John had more to say about his beloved Lord. Before his death he set forth his testimony loud and clear to bear witness “that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God ; and that believing you may have life in His name.” John 20:31- notice the word life- yes, that is zoe life.


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