Greek Myths

Good morning.  Rise and shine and give God the glory, great things He has done!My girls are spending quite a bit of time in social studies learning about the Greek gods and goddesses.  They had to list 10 characterisics of Zeus and when I checked their homework, I also had them list 10 characteristics of Jesus.  I have tried to make clear the distinction between the Greek myths and the truth of Scripture.  I paraphrased 1 Samuel 5-6 for them.  I know it is 2 chapters of reading but it is well worth it.  Go to if you do not have a Bible handy and you can look it up really fast.   I love this image.  I alway imagine our Greek statue of Athena at our Parthenon downtown.  Now wouldn’t that be a sight to see the 90 ft statue bowing down to God’s throne.  When is the last time you physically bowed before the God of Israel? Joyce: What an awesome  thought! It is much the same thought as the Christmas statue I have of Santa Claus bowing before the Baby Jesus. That is undoubtedly one of my favorite Christmas decorations. We should all remember that we will either bow on our own or be brought to our knees, and who wants skinned up knees?


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